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Impressive Holiday Basket

PLEASE NOTE cheese SHOULD NOT BE La Vache qui rit brand or similar cheap brands Peanuts 100 gr Pistachios 100 gr Pretzels 100 gr Snack Mix 100 gr Almonds 50 gr Sugar Cookies 100 gr Chocolate Cookies 100 gr Wafers 100 gr Gourmet chocolate 100 gr Chocolate Bonbons 100 gr Chocolate Squares 100 gr Chocolate Wafer Rolls 50 gr European Chocolate Truffles 100 gr Chocolate Covered Almonds100 gr Chocolate Covered Peanuts 100 gr Toffees 100 gr 2 packs Gourmet Crackers 150 gr Spicy Cheese 100 gr or similar gourmet cheese Smoked Sausage 100 gr Potato Chips 100 gr Chocolate Gourmet Cookies 100 gr Vanilla Cookies 100 gr or similar cookies Cookies with fruit flavor 100 gr English Tea 50 gr Biscuits 100 gr Dark Chocolate Squares 100 gr Gourmet Chocolate Bar 50 gr Gourmet Grounded Coffee 100 gr Basket Gift Wrapping Greeting Card

Andorra flowers  -  Impressive Holiday Basket Flower Bouquet/Arrangement Product Code: 10292
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